Services for Students

Executive Trade International - The Provider, We provide counseling to students taking into consideration the student’s academic history, interests and career goals to ensure the program they select is the best suited for the individual.

We provide options to apply for multiple countries for multiple courses, oversee the preparation and submission of all necessary documentation, including reference letters and study plans (Statement of Purpose), as well as assisting in the completion of application forms.

We provide visa profiling, guidance for visa formalities, helping in filling the visa application for error free application, complete assistance in all visa procedures and ensuring you submit the right document for your visa, personal interview guidance.

Career Counselling

We at Executive Trade International (ETI) will provide you with a career advice that will lead you to the right path. We keep up-to-date information of all our countries that we send our students. As we know the job market for all our countries, we can provide an accurate career advice. We have partnered up with over 150 education institution from 6 countries. Our counselors will evaluate your achieved results, financial budget and a couple of other factors and will suggest a number of suitable universities.




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What We Discuss

  • Career Advice
  • Pick a Suitable Place to Study
  • Pick Suitable University
  • Finance Discussion

University Admissions

After you have picked a suitable university, our counselors will provide you with a list of required documents that will be needed for the university admission. Just to take a note, number of documents may vary from university to university.  When you provided all the documents accurately our counselors will so all the paperwork.

Within 1 week an offer letter will be sent from the university. You have to create a student profile with a bank and pay an amount of tuition fee in advance so that a Confirmation on Enrollment can be sent by the university for visa processing.

Our Process

  • Bring all the Required Document
  • Pick a Suitable University
  • Our Counselor will do all the Paperwork
  • Accept Offer Letter & Pay Tuition Fee
  • Wait for Confirmation on Enrollment

Visa Consultancy

Our counselor will inform you when they receive Confirmation on Enrollment and provide you with a list of required documents to start the visa processing. Once all the document is submitted to us, our application manager all do all the paperwork. We will make sure to double-check all the information to make sure everything is 100% accurate. Once that is complete, you have to go to the visa office, pay the required fees and submit the paperwork. Just to take a note, this is a common method for most countries. Visa processing methods can differ for some countries.








Our Process

  • After Receiving COE Bring all the Required Document
  • Our Application Manager will do all the Paperwork
  • Our Head will double check all Paperwork
  • Bring the required fee for visa office
  • Submit the Paperwork to visa office

Accommodation Advice

There are two types of accommodations. One that is offered by the universities and other one is arranging it on your own. For university accommodations, there are a lot of varieties. Our counselor will suggest you which will be better for you. If you make a decision, we will apply for that chosen accommodation.

For arranging on your own, this step is usually taken by students who usually have some relative or friends living there and has agreed to help out. However, we highly recommend you to go for university accommodations since it is your first time there.

What We Discuss

  • Place to live for a student
  • Living cost discussion
  • Money saving advice

Pre-Departure Briefing

When you have received your visa, our counselor will arrange a pre-departure sessions. During that session all travel related information will explained in great length to you. Our counselor will also book fight tickets for your designated country. You have the option to choose which plane and class you want to travel in and we will book it accordingly.

What We Discuss

  • Air Ticket Pricing
  • What to take and what not to take
  • Airplane Safety Precautions
  • Understand Local Airport Rules
  • Understand International Airport Rules