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Last year Charles Sturt University (CSU) celebrated 25 years as a university. Since its establishment in 1989, Charles Sturt University (CSU) has grown to become Australia's largest regional university and the country's leading provider of distance education.

CSU now combines nearly 120 years of education and research knowledge with a strong focus on professional skills and a mission to serve our students and our communities. Our on campus teaching and research facilities are state of the art, and we reach out across Australia and the world as a leading provider of online education.

We are also proud to be a leading player in international research in ethics, theology, governance, security, water, food, agriculture, education and the environment through a number of cross-institutional and collaborative research centres.

Why Study in Charles Sturt University

Career focused, academic excellence

Graduates get jobs

Industry-related courses

CSU's international links

The CSU family

Safe, secure and supportive living and study environment

Research that matters

Flexible Learning


Masters is an advanced acedemic degrees that is taken by students that want to boost their careers further. A masters degree is granted to a students who have went through a specific field of study at a mastery level. Charles Sturt University offers all kinds of masters degree that caters to all industry fields.

Bachelors is one of the most crucial academic degrees needed in order to build a strong career. A bachelors degree is a minimun reqirement needed to get a good-paying job in every industry. Charles Sturt University offers all types of courses for all kind of industries that will help a student reach their desired job.

Path to University

H.S.C or equivalent


2nd year Charles Sturt University

Path to University

S.S.C or equivalent


1st year Charles Sturt University

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